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All our policies for Inclusion School and others that relate to Inclusion School, Inclusion College and Inclusion Hampshire can be found and downloaded below. If you require any assistance accessing our policies then please complete the form below or contact the office on 01256 437 177.

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Inclusion School Accessibility Plan

Inclusion School Admissions Policy

Inclusion Hampshire- Allegations against staff policy


Inclusion School Attendance Policy

Inclusion School Behaviour Policy

Inclusion School Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Inclusion School Children with health needs who cannot attend school

Inclusion School Complaints procedure


Inclusion School Complaints Procedure

Inclusion-Hampshire Confidentiality-Statement

Inclusion School COSHH Policy 

Inclusion School Cover Guidance 

Inclusion School Curriculum Policy

Inclusion School English as an Additional Language Policy



Inclusion School Exclusions Policy

Inclusion School First Aid and AED Policy 

Inclusion School Fire/ Emergency Evacuation Policy

Inclusion-School-Health and Safety-Policy

Inclusion School Health and Safety Statement

Inclusion School Mental Health strategy and Learner Support Policy 

Inclusion School Online Safety Policy 

Inclusion School Premises Management Policy

Inclusion Hampshire Provider Access Policy

Inclusion School Privacy Policy

Inclusion School Reading Policy

Inclusion-Hampshire Remote Learning Policy

Inclusion School Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSE)  

We welcome feedback and comments from parents/ carers on our RSE Policy – please see our Relationship and Sex Education page for further details

Inclusion School Risk Assessment Policy

Inclusion School Risk Assessment -Covid 19 October 2023

Inclusion School Safe Driving and mobile phone policy 

Inclusion School Safer Recruitment Policy

Inclusion School Smoking, drugs and alcohol Policy 

Inclusion School Special Educational Needs Report 

Inclusion School Staff Code of Conduct Policy

Inclusion School Stay Put Policy

Inclusion School use of cover staff guidance

Inclusion School Violence and Lone Working Policy 


Inclusion School Waste Policy 

Inclusion Hampshire Whistleblowing Policy 

Equality and Diversity Policies

Inclusion Hampshire Equality Action Plan 

Inclusion Hampshire Policy and Procedures for Supporting Transgender Young People

Inclusion Hampshire Policy and Procedures or Tackling Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic Bullying

Exam and Assessment Policies

Inclusion Hampshire Access to Fair Assessment Policy

Exams Appeals and Complaints

Examination Policy

Inclusion School Internal Quality Assurance Policy 

Inclusion School Access Arrangements 

Inclusion School Malpractice and Plagiarism Policy 

Conflict of interest policy

Emergency Evacuation procedure

Equalities Policy

Escalation Policy

Exam Contingency

Internal Appeals Procedure

Lockdown Policy

Special Considerations

Word Processor Policy