At Inclusion School we are continuously reviewing the provision and curriculum for our learners, including which pathways and qualifications best suit their needs. 

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Our exam data is affected by our small number of learners and our historically limited curriculum offer. Until July 2022 Inclusion School was a part-time alternative provision, called Inclusion Learning Centre, and 10 hours per week was the maximum number of hours a learner could attend. Therefore, within this limited time, our primary focus was on supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our learners, enabling them to access English and Maths qualifications.

The majority of these learners remained on their school roll and were able to access GCSEs. All learners were able to access Functional Skills qualifications through Inclusion Learning Centre. 

As we were not the learner’s named school, we did not receive relevant KS2 data to make Progress 8 or Attainment 8 assessments.

The exam information for 2020/21 is available below for English and Maths, including GCSE results (if known).

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