Special education needs and disability (SEND) Information

 As a school specialising in mental health and additional learning needs, we have many learners that may require different levels of support and engagement. 

Ensuring we can provide a stimulating curriculum that understands and meets the differing needs of our learners is vital to the education and activities we provide here at Inclusion School. 

Our SEND Lead works very closely with staff and tutors to ensure an effective provision for all the young people in our care.

Further details of our approach can be seen in our SEND report below, updated every year. 

Ele Murphy – Assistant Head, Inclusion School, SEND Lead

Some great SEND resources

All of our learners at Inclusion School have an EHCP ( Education Health Care Plan) which means we have individual support and measures in place to help their learning.

Each of our learners also have their own support box – created in collaboration with them – which contain items to support their learning, items to help self regulate mood and behaviour and activities to offer an alternative when unable to settle in the classroom setting.


We also utilise different support items, available in classrooms to help the differing needs of our learners – such as fidget toys, wobble cushions and kick bands on chairs, designed to support focus and attention.

Learners also have access to additional Speech and Language Therapists (SaLT), Occupational Therapists (OT) and Educational Psychologists (EP) who attend the School and help to support the differing needs of our learners as required.