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Extra Curricular Learning

During Lessons 4 and 5 on Friday afternoons we have extra-curricular learning opportunities. These have allowed learners further opportunities to explore new subjects, hobbies and interests.

For example, activities have included:

  • Drama

  • Lego

  • Photography

  • Hair and beauty

  • Robotics and coding

  • Scent training with our therapy dog

  • Photography

  • Butterflies of Hope (for Holocaust Memorial Day)

Exploratory lessons (Options)

On each learner’s weekly timetable there is time for exploratory and project-based learning.

Our exploratory lessons are designed to give learners a wider range of experiences and opportunities and broaden horizons of their knowledge and learning. It’s their opportunity to try different activities and areas of interest in a safe and supported environment where they are free to explore and question. These activities could include areas such as community work, off-site visits, volunteering, talks and presentations from visitors.

Exploratory lessons also provide an opportunity for learner’s to develop independent learning skills under the guidance of Inclusion’s skilled tutors and to develop cross-curricular project-based learning tasks to deepen their understanding and work collaboratively with peers.

We use ASDAN qualifications to be able to provide our learners with opportunities to explore options not included within our main curriculum. This can include:

– Animal care

– History

– Geography

– Personal finance


– Creative arts and more

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