Admissions to Inclusion School are open to all learners holding an EHCP who may find our school a suitable learning environment.

1. Enquire
Register your interest for a place at Inclusion by contacting You will receive confirmation this has been received

2. Visit
Attend one of our Open Days/Evenings or arrange a visit to Inclusion School with our Pastoral Lead

3. Consultation from the Local Authority
Contact your local authority/caseworker to discuss making a referral to Inclusion School. If this is agreed, caseworkers should send the relevant assessment documents (see Section 5) to These will be assessed by our admissions panel. 

4. Assessment
Inclusion School’s admissions panel will review all the assessment documents and complete the Local Authority’s consultation document to confirm if we can/cannot meet the learner’s needs.

5. Place offered
If the admission panel confirms to the Local Authority that the school can meet the young person’s need, as outlined on the EHCP, a formal place will be offered and contact made with the family. In some cases, a trial period may be offered.

6. Transition
Our Pastoral Manager will oversee the transition process and liaise with the learner and the family to visit them at home. This conversation will form the basis of a personalised transition plan created in partnership between the school (the SEND Lead, Pastoral Lead) and the family to ensure a positive and successful start at Inclusion School. This plan is bespoke to each learner and will be designed around their needs and concerns when starting.

7. Start
Once all the paperwork is completed prior to the given start date we will warmly welcome your child to the Inclusion community.

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