Mental Health & Well-being at Inclusion School

Social, emotional, Mental Health and well-being are incredibly important at Inclusion – and our approach to each learner’s educational experience is based on meeting their holistic need as an individual.

Our enrichment curriculum offers a range of different activities and programmes which are designed to support and nurture the well-being of each learner and offer an alternative outlet and expression for their feelings and emotions. 

It is designed to support our learners in their development of emotional regulation, including developing self-help strategies, and in gaining an understanding of how emotion affects decision making and other people. 

It also aims to  help our learners to become self-reliant; to learn how to learn, how to adapt and to develop the confidence necessary to become independent learners in the areas of personal, social and academic growth.

Our trauma informed approach positions learners at the centre of their education, allowing them the space to direct the pace and direction of their learning whilst providing an engaging and accessible curriculum. 

We offer a balance of academic qualifications combined with life skills and well-being programmes which address the wider, holistic needs of our learners. The subjects that form our well-being sessions are not offered as a qualification – rather these are valued for the enjoyment, interest and joy our learners find in them. 

Have a look below for further details on each of our enrichment subject areas and our support page. 

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