Careers Guide for Parents/Carers

At Inclusion School we understand that everyone has a different starting point and that our learners will need support identifying what they want to do in the future, recognising their own strengths and skills, and understanding how they can achieve their career aspirations. Inclusion School strongly promotes careers education within its curriculum to enable our learners to understand the many elements of the modern workplace and to improve their outcomes.

During your child’s time with us  they will have access to:

A specifically designed Work Skills & Employability learning programme

Our careers programme is published on our website. We involve learners, teachers, parents, employers and external partners in evaluating our programme – both after specific events, and on a termly basis. Our Work Skills & Employability learning programme is designed with the needs of our learners at its forefront and recognises that each learner makes progress in their own time.

Employability qualifications

We offer a portfolio-based qualification from our awarding organisation, NOCN, that covers topics such as applying for jobs and courses, using communication skills in the workplace, and preparing for and taking part in an interview. Qualification levels range from an award to a diploma.

Workplace opportunities

We partner with the Careers & Enterprise Company and a learner’s referring school to enable access to work experience opportunities, personalised careers guidance and an understanding of the local labour market.

A holistic curriculum

All our subjects – Maths, English, Life & Wellbeing, and Work Skills & Employability – link to one another to develop your child’s strengths, skills and attributes in readiness for further education or employment.

Encounters with employers and employees

We aim to provide our learners with as many opportunities to learn from employers about workplaces, employment and the skills that are valued now and in future. This is achieved through contact with our Enterprise Advisor, employer talks and access to careers events, such as National Careers Week and Apprenticeship Week.

Encounters with further and higher education

Inclusion School has close links with local further education providers across North Hampshire. This includes both academic and vocational routes (traineeships and apprenticeships). We also provide transitional support to a learner’s chosen destination in order to build relationships with staff in a new environment to enable a positive and successful transition to post-16.

Personal careers guidance

All our staff at Inclusion School work towards providing a high-quality careers education bespoke to your child.   All our learner’s will receive personalised careers guidance and support from a trusted member of staff who understands their needs, interests and aspirations.

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