We take referrals for learners  with a particular focus on those experiencing mental health issues.  

For Inclusion College, our Post 16 provision, learners require an EHCP for referral.

Please contact our Referral and Pastoral Manager, Jane Gardner with details of your referral. Jane will then contact you for further details and to assess suitability. 

Jane is the initial contact for referrals to both Inclusion Learning Centre and Inclusion College.

Once the initial referral is received and suitability assessed, Jane will conduct a home visit to meet the young person and their family, outlining our way of working and how we plan to support that individual.  Jane will then be available to support a visit to the relevant site so that learners can meet staff and see the environment before they start. 

Jane will continue to liaise with school throughout this process. 

 The final decision on whether or not we can provide a suitable environment and meet the needs of the learner will be made by the Head for each centre. 

Please use the contact form below or email Jane at

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