Reporting Absence

If your child will be absent on a specific day, please use the following procedures to inform Inclusion School.

If you know that your child will be absent in advance (e.g. a medical appointment) please contact Inclusion by: 

  • Phone on 01256 437 177
  • Email at

If your child has an unexpected absence (i.e. illness), we ask that you contact us by email or phone by 9.15am using details provided above.

Parents/carers are expected to contact the school directly on the first day of absence, and all subsequent days, with a reason for absence. 

Parents/carers who do not make contact with the school regarding a child’s absence and cannot be contacted by the school will have an unauthorised absence recorded for their child. 

If no contact is received by 9.30am the school admin team will contact you directly as part of our safeguarding procedures

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