Our well-being curriculum is centred around providing engaging and enriching activities that not only support our learners mental health, social skills and confidence, but also are there to be enjoyed.

This can include food tech Рwhere learners and tutors work together in our kitchen area to create a range of dishes Рfrom tasty nutritious meals learners can replicate at home to delicious  bakes and puddings. 

This is an amazing well to build cooking and lifeskills, confidence, resilience and problem solving. It can also be an excellent way to develop friendships, teamwork and collaboration.

The sessions can often be linked to our wider curriculum – be that topics such as Eurovision, learning about different countries and cultures through cuisine, awareness days – such as GRT history month, Pride, Hello Yellow for mental health and recipes which reflect learners own interests and experience.

Cooking for well-being also develops elements of our other core curriculum – such as maths through weights and measures, english with recipe reading and interpreting and science looking at changing states

We also teach learners about healthy eating, nutrition, food origins, processes and food groups.