The World & You

Inclusion School’s The World & You is a unique curriculum that blends a learners personal development, relationships and well-being and places this in the context of their place within the wider world.


Inclusion School’s ‘The World & You’ curriculum has been designed to encompass elements of PSHE, RSE, History, Geography and RE, as well as elements of culture and social connectedness.

At its core are the spiritual, moral, social and cultural and British Values which underpin the society our learners live in and its this curriculums aim to enable them to understand their place in the world, how to live safely, responsibly and healthily, while understanding their place within the wider world and their responsibilities to others.

This ‘You’ aspect of this curriculum focuses on positive mental health and well-being,healthy living, positive relationships and emotional literacy. The ‘World’ element focuses on understanding the history, geography and religious elements of the world in which they find themselves and how it relates to them and to others.

There are many cross-curricular opportunities in this subject, many of which have been intentionally designed to complement other subjects notably English. For example, in Black History Month (October), learners will explore the historical, social and cultural significance of Black History and Civil Rights whilst reading poetry from Black writers.